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August 25, 2016

What to Avoid When Buying Used Office Furniture If you own and manage an office, you know that once that clock strikes 5, your workers will be up and out of your space before you can even get a single word out. The quiet, empty, and uninhabited work space will remain that way until you open up to greet the dawn of a new work day. With that in mind, many office managers and business owners don’t really see the need to buy brand new office furniture because they’re not really going to be used all too often. That’s why cutting back on costs has been made possible by buying second hand office furniture instead. It pays to keep in mind however that not all office furniture will be good for business. Maximize your budget and get your office space fully furnished at an affordable price by reading through these common used office furniture buying mistakes. 1, Making Aesthetic Your Main Concern – While it is ideal to have an aesthetically appealing office space design, the furniture you buy for your workers shouldn’t be purchased solely on the consideration of appearance. Choose comfort over form when buying used furniture for an office space that isn’t visited or seen by consumers and prospects. This is mostly because your workers should feel comfortable at work to make them more productive and motivated to finish the work assigned to them, and to eliminate the chances of them feeling burnt out.
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2. Forgetting the Measurements – It should be your objective to fit as many work stations in your office space as possible to make the most of the rent you pay for it With more desks and work space provisions for workers, you can hire more employees without worrying about where you should place them. But failing to measure your space and the items you intend to buy for it before you make a purchase, you can eliminate the chances of making the most of your space. Besides, do you really want to cram so many people and furniture into a single space that barely fits them?
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3. Buying Without Trying – Remember, used office furniture probably isn’t going to be in bad shape, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be in peak condition either. Before you buy anything second hand, you should make it a point to first check and inspect the items for damage and potential repairs. You wouldn’t want your workers to sustain expensive injuries that you’d have to pay for with your employer’s insurance.